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​Everyone Needs Support Sometimes...




What is it?  What to expect?


People usually come to counselling because they are struggling, hurting, confused, and/or dissatisfied with area(s) of their lives; they want to heal and/or achieve goals with the support of a trained professional. ​Counselling is a process through which a client works to achieve goals with the support and help of a counsellor.

Counselling often involves clients learning to better understand themselves and others, learning or improving coping strategies, and when ready, working/moving through past and present hurts and trauma(s).


It is when we move from understanding and learning, into processing emotional and physical feelings and changing that counselling becomes therapy. Although the process of counselling/therapy can be uncomfortable at times, it is usually also relieving and rewarding! 

It is a privilege and an honor to support people through their healing and growth journeys. 
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