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 My Approach




Everyone struggles and needs support sometimes. Genuine, caring, accepting, and easy to talk to, I help my clients heal and achieve their goals.


While not everyone has experienced trauma, many people have. To provide a safe and healing experience, I work with a trauma informed approach. This means I ensure that clients have choice in therapy, and (when applicable) I help clients develop the grounding skills they need for any processing work that we do.

With an attentive, encouraging, and respectful presence, I also offer a collaborative and integrative (multi-form) approach. Meaning, I provide clients choice in the forms of therapy that we use; the choices I offer are based on what research indicates to be effective for clients' challenges, as well as clients' personality, wants and needs.

My most frequently used forms of counselling/therapy are Family Systems informed Psychodynamic, Somatic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Dehavioural Therapy (DBT), and Solutions Focused. I also often guide clients through inner-child/re-parenting work. See my Forms of Therapy section for a full list of the modalities I utilize.




Being a teen can be hard. Like adults, teens often need someone understanding and accepting outside of their friends and family to talk with. Although my basic counselling theory and approach is the same with youth, I have developed special skills, like tapping into my inner teen, to connect and build relationships with youth, so that therapy can be effective. See my About Jenny  section of my website to learn more about some of my experience working with teens/youth. 
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